Preventative Maintenance Services

Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

If you own a car, you know just how important it is to keep up with routine maintenance services. Proper car maintenance can prevent costly repairs down the line and ensure your safety while driving on the road. At Koffman AutoWorks in Campbellsport, WI, we offer a range of preventative maintenance services to keep your car running at its best. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of preventative maintenance and the services we offer at our auto repair shop.

  1. Oil Changes and Tire Rotations
  2. Regular oil changes and tire rotations are crucial for the health of your vehicle. Oil changes protect your engine by lubricating its moving parts, preventing metal-on-metal friction and potential damage. Tire rotations help maximize tire life, evenly distributing wear and tear across all four tires. At Koffman AutoWorks, we recommend getting an oil change and tire rotation every 5,000-7,500 miles for most vehicles.

  3. Computerized Wheel Alignments
  4. Your wheels must be properly aligned to ensure optimal handling, fuel efficiency, and tire wear. A computerized wheel alignment can detect and correct any alignment issues accurately. This service is particularly important if you’ve hit a curb or pothole or notice your car pulling to one side while driving.

  5. Brake Services
  6. Your brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features. Routine brake services, such as brake pad replacements and brake fluid flushes, can prevent costly repairs later on. Signs you have brake problems include squeaking or grinding noises, vibrations while braking, or a brake pedal that feels soft or spongy.

  7. Transmission Service
  8. A transmission service involves draining and replacing the transmission fluid and the filter. This helps keep your transmission running its best and prevents costly transmission repairs. Warning signs of transmission problems include a delay in shifting gears, transmission slipping, or strange noises coming from under the hood.

  9. Fuel System Service
  10. A fuel system service involves cleaning the fuel injectors, throttle body, and fuel lines. This helps improve fuel efficiency, engine performance and reduces harmful emissions. Warning signs of fuel system problems include poor acceleration, engine hesitation, or reduced fuel efficiency.

Koffman AutoWorks Keeps Your Car Running

At Koffman AutoWorks, we pride ourselves on providing quality preventative maintenance services to keep your car running at its best. Our digital inspections offer transparency so you can stay ahead of your car’s specific condition. We’ve got you covered with routine services like oil changes, tire rotations, computerized wheel alignments, brake services, transmission services, fuel system services, differential services, tune-ups, and more. Contact us today to schedule your next maintenance appointment!

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