How do we save you money on repairs?

Once you begin working with our shop on a regular basis, you will find we are intent on saving you money on your car care.

How do we do this?

We focus on the much less expensive route to car care, through PREVENTION. Preventative maintenance costs you a fraction of the price of waiting for repairs needed after a breakdown. That is only part of the picture, here are other points to keep in mind about preventative maintenance for your vehicles:

  • Prevention saves you loads of life hassles. This is because breakdowns can happen at any time while preventative maintenance can be scheduled for your greatest convenience.
  • Prevention saves you from costly breakdowns. Some breakdowns happen away from home, some need towing, and others put your safety at risk. Prevention helps you avoid these types of situations.
  • Prevention extends the life of your car. If you can keep your car for years after the payments are done, you save big money. Proper preventative care on your cars gives you a more reliable car for many more years.
  • Prevention increases the value of your car. When it does come time to sell your car, it is worth more money because of its condition and service record.
  • Prevention gives you peace of mind. Knowing your car is dependable for every day and for those long trips gives you peace of mind. It's hard to rest easy when you think you're driving around in a ticking time bomb.

Our computer system keeps a complete maintenance history for all our customer's vehicles so you can avoid expensive repairs and take care of routine problems promptly.

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