New Study Doesn't Put All the Blame on Cell Phones...   4/20/2010 (Share this on facebook)


Recently the AAA and the University of North Carolina found that most of us are doing something else when we should be paying attention to driving - but talking on the cell phone isn't the worst problem.

The study of 70 drivers in
North Carolina and Pennsylvania found that 97 percent of drivers distracted in their cars were reaching for something; 91 percent were playing with the radio; and just 30 percent talked on the phone while their cars were moving, according to the Associated Press.   It doesn't matter what the distraction; drive safely - please keep your attention on the road!!

Keep Cool...   4/16/2010 (Share this on facebook)

While summer may take a few months to come around and stay, eventually things will start heating up and you and your car don't want to be included! Is your vehicle ready for the heat?

*Antifreeze and coolant related failures are the number one cause of mechanical breakdowns on the highway according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The need for cooling system maintenance and repairs is obviously there, but many motorists never check anything under the hood until a problem occurs. By then it's often too late and the damage has been done. An unnoticed coolant leak or low coolant level can lead to overheating. This can be very damaging to your car's engine. Simply refilling the cooling system with fresh antifreeze and water is not an acceptable repair for overheating. Treating the symptom (loss of coolant) may not prevent the engine from overheating again.

*In addition, most people are unsure how often maintenance is actually needed for their car's cooling system. The correct answer depends on the type of antifreeze in the vehicle, and how much time or mileage has passed since it was last changed. Neglect is expensive. Repairs can be very costly. The inconvenience of sudden breakdown only makes it worse...But maintenance is EASY! At Koffman AutoWorks, our certified technicians do a thorough inspection on each car. By testing, they are able to find those leaks, or tell you if your vehicle is in need of a coolant flush.

*And while you're at it - don't forget to ensure YOUR comfort as the temperature and humidity climb. At Koffman AutoWorks, we are trained, certified, and licensed to check and recharge your vehicle's air conditioning system. Call (920)533-5930 and make an appointment today!

Tire Talk...   4/15/2010 (Share this on facebook)

Think you can get by with your tire tread?

On a dry road tires as bald as a racing slick will give you more traction. Why? Because there's more rubber surface area actually in contact with the road. That's why racing tires are "slicks" or tires with no tread. On the other hand, as soon as a half-ounce of rain falls from the sky, you'll be in the ditch with your slicks. The problem with bald tires is that when there's water on the road, the tire rolls up on top of it, and the water has nowhere to go. When the tire's on top of the water, NONE of its rubber is touching the ground! That's called hydroplaning, and it severely limits your ability to turn or stop.

The purpose of grooves in treaded tires is to provide pathways for the water to escape. That way, while the rest of the rubber is maintaining full contact with the road, the grooves are channeling the water out back, behind the tire. Contact the experts at Koffman AutoWorks to have your tires checked if you're unsure where you stand. We perform tire rotation and balancing, or if needed, we can help you get quality tires for your vehicle at a price that fits your budget.